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"Let's make this showy!"

The Gokai-Oh wastes no time in attacking it's new enemy.

The ship manages to dodge a swipe from the Gokai-Oh's sword, as it begins to dismantle itself.

"Is it..." Red asks. "...Transforming?"

The ship dismantles itself, as the backward engines transform into hands; the main body modifying into a more humanoid shape. The wings become legs while the front windshield transforms into a somewhat human face, more in the fashion of a mask with a visor. The parts mesh together until a final mech is the result. The mech somewhat resembles an actual humanoid Sentai.

"Never seen that before!" Silver shouts.

The scene transitions to an odd-looking room filled with computers. (If one squints hard enough, they'd make out screenshots of the mechs of other Super Sentai. Shinkenger and Bioman most notable) At the center sits a robotic-looking humanoid. The humanoid mans a console full of flashing buttons.

"Subject has been adequately riled; battle is now imminent. Initiating prototype test number twenty-three." Says the Humanoid. "Tester: Bio Hunter Silva. Target: Gokai-Oh. Non-lethal subroutines shall be applied. Initiating Battle Data"


The scene then transitions back to the cosmic battle. The Gokai-Oh continues an aggressive attack against the mysterious mech using it's twin Gokai Ken swords; but the enemy continues to dodges swipes from the sword, as easily as dancing to a tune.

"This is getting us nowhere!" Red shouts. "We need to try another tactic..."

"They've only attacked us once." Blue says. "Since we activated the Gattai, all it's done is dodge us."

"But why start a fight you just want to back out of, anyway?" Pink asks.

"They couldn't have attacked our cannons randomly." Silver says.

"Almost like they forced us to Gattai on purpose..." Red says. "They must be testing us, whoever they are. Can we communicate with them?"

"Communications is shaky." Luka says. "I can't maintain it for more than a minute without risking more system damage."

"You sound like Don, I hope you know that." Red says. "Fine, do it."

"He DID have his notebook sprawled onto his desk..." Yellow says. "Surprising what you'll read when your'e bored, huh? Okay,"

"Who are you?" Red asks their opponents gruffly. "And why are you attacking us?"

"You don't need to know that yet." Says Silva's voice through a speaker. "But you will...when HE returns..."

"What are you babbling about?" Red replies. "Are you talking about Ackdos Gill?"

"I'd watch your six instead of asking questions, Captain Marvelous." Sternly repeats the voice from the speaker.

The camera pans out from the Gokaigers to the robots again, as the prototype enemy finally makes it's own move. The prototype lunges at the Gokai-Oh attacking the torso with it's right arm. The blow connects, knocking the Gokai-Oh backwards.

The evil mech then jumps backwards from the Gokai-Oh, as the engine arms aim themselves at their enemy. A multitude of arrow-shaped beams come flying out of the mech, rushing at the Gokai-Oh with terrible speed.

"Can we dodge it?" Pink asks.

"Gotta try!" Gokai Red shouts, turning his control steering wheel hard to the right.

The arrows miss and disappear as the Gokai-Oh covers ground to avoid the seeking missiles. One by one, the projectiles dissolve into nothingness as the Gokai-Oh escapes the barrage un-scathed.

"They're either serious or toying with us..." Gokai Red says. "Ideas?"

"That technology's unfamiliar." Yellow says. "We're probably outmatched; if out-informed. Still, anything has a weak point, I suppose."

"Those arms seem to be it's big guns. Take them out, and we'll be on even ground." Blue says.

"I wish we had the GoJyuJin..." Silver says. "Not only could we have an extra hand, but it was pretty cool..."

"Don't you dare fanboy on us NOW, Gai." Blue says.

"Let's attack the arms." Red says."But not with the swords."

"Gokai Ho! Fire!"

The scene returns to the battlefield, as the Gokai-Oh's chest cannon begins firing projectiles. The cannonballs, however, are no match for the missiles that the mysterious mech fires in retaliation. The two barrages of projectiles hit each other, causing miniature explosions as the two cancel out.

"It predicted every one of them?" Yellow shouts.

"Wait, let's try something else." Blue says. "That thing cannot have infinite munitions. Let's empty it's stock."

"What do you mean?" Gai asks.

"I see what your'e up to, Joe." Red says. "Luka, system status?"

"We're at eighty percent fuel-wise; but the system itself can't take much more." Luka says. "I'd say two minutes."

"Good enough." Red says.

"Gokai Star Burst! Fire!"

The scene transitions to a cosmic background, as the Gokai-Oh's back wheel begins spinning. The arms and legs each open up a hatch in their exteriors as cannonballs begin flying out from EVERY hatch at a rapid pace.

The mysterious mech replies in kind as an amount of arrow-missles beyond count come from it's engine-arms.

The two swarms continue to cancel out as the stand-off drags on.

"Now, let's do something unusual." Red says. "Throw the Gokai Ken!"

As the Gokai Ho continues the Star Burst, the Gokai-Oh summons it's twin swords, throwing them with surprising accuracy.

"Gokai Star Burst Extra!"

As the missile stand-off continues, the two spinning swords travel the war-zone, until they wrench themselves into the chest of the enemy mech.

The scene transitions back to the technological room (now confirmed to be the enemy mech's control room) as Silva's hands scale the control console, pressing buttons all the while. After a moment, he shakes his head dejectedly, as a hatch in the console opens, with Silva taking out a blank disk.

"Prototype test final outcome: Undefinable. Battle data is recorded, but the prototype has been damaged beyond proper repair. It is however, still mobile. The Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger seem to have a notable knack for being unpredictable; adept at improvising when in actual danger. Plans for more armaments to the Big Machine recommended. Now returning to Dai-Zangyack Headquarters."

The mysterious mech wastes no time, as it's limbs (now sputtering from damage) re-configure themselves into the remnants of the ship it once was. However, much of the exterior is riddled with holes and dents; while the windshield is cracked.

Before the Gokai-Oh can even react, the ship zooms out into the stars; as a yellow liquid leaks from it's backside.

Minutes later, the Gokai-Oh has converted back to it's Galleon state.

The Gokaigers are again, sitting by the dining table. All except for Marvelous, who repeatedly paces throughout the room, occasionally hitting something in anger. He eventually hits the left guard of his chair, which causes him to hold his left hand in pain.

"Damn it all!" Marvelous yells. "Nothing good has happened since we left Earth! And now all the repair work we put into the Galleon has been wasted!"

"I can't help but shake the feeling that that voice sounded familiar..." Gai asks. "Like I know it from somewhere..."

"Before your'e pants go up your butt, I'm happy to report that we have a lead on where that ship probably fled to." Joe says.

At this, Marvelous' eyes fly up in happiness, as he turns to Joe; literally grabbing the man's shoulders with such a creepy smile in his eyes.

"Please, Joe." Marvelous says. "I need to hear some good news. NOW. Tell me, before my mind cracks. "

"Too late for that, I think; but moving on..." Joe replies, squirming free of Marvelous' grasp. "That nearly-destroyed ship looked like it was leaking fuel; and there's a very good chance that there are still fuel emissions we can chase...Like breadcrumbs, basically."

"Let's do it, then." Marvelous says.

Joe gets up from his seat, walking up to the computer console, pressing buttons.

"Sure enough, a steady stream to our...west." Joe says. "It puts us off our course to Zangyack. But to be fair; With the Dai-Zangyack prowling around, that might be a good thing right now."

"Sure." Marvelous replies. "Move us there."

"The ship that attacked us might've been a creation of theirs." Ahim says, sipping a cup of tea. "This could be a trap."

"Certainly looks like one." Luka pipes. "Enemy that toys with us, runs away the moment it's damaged, doesn't say who it is...Has all the makings of bait."

"But we don't have any other leads." Gai says.

"So, stupidity is our only option?" Luka asks.

"Looks like it." Joe says.

"Full speed ahead." Marvelous says.


While the Gokaigers follow the fuel leaked by the enemy mech, Silva returns to the Zangyack base. Well, base was a strong word. After the Gigant Horse was destroyed by the Gokaigers; a replica of it was constructed. Zangyack's resources were dwindling and without their puppet, the peoples they had conquered were declaring war practically daily. To put it bluntly, the Empire was dying. This also meant a lack of resources. Thus, this Replica Horse was little more than a moving shelter for the plotting and scheming villains that resided within it now. Granted, they could still defend themselves with said replica, but without the fleet; they were like neutered dogs.

Silva had already parked the prototype into the Replica Horse by the time the Gokaigers had found the trail. His reception by the others was...Mixed.

No sooner did he walk into the Throne Room did the faces of his compatriots swerve towards him.

Long, the Infernal Dragon; former enemy of the Gekirangers; stood against the wall opposite Silva. Long was evil for the sake of being evil. He didn't seem to have any set goals; which made him as close to trustworthy as a cut-throat could be. (The two sometimes exchanged a friendly spar or chess game) Still, Silva chose to give caution around him.

Sitting on the floor drinking sake sat Doukoku of the Chimatsuri. They just called him Doukoku. He was a hardened battle general and an enemy of the Shinkengers. He was unfortunately drunk most of the time; which made him the village idiot in everybody else's eyes despite his combat experience. Silva didn't take him seriously.

On the throne sat, for now, the Black Cross King. He was the first villain that attempted to attack Earth, and the main enemy of the first Sentai ever formed: the Gorangers. His age had many other villains (Save for Long and Silva) regarding him highly. He oversaw Dai-Zangyack's operations currently. He's supposedly able to use hatred to grant himself immortality, but Silva suspected differently. Unfortunately, since nobody could get close enough to him to find out what it was, Silva kept silent.

The other two, Dagon and Brajira, were out overseeing other affairs.

Dagon was very loyal to superiors and was an enemy of the Magirangers, serving under N Ma. He was known for being the least greedy out of the Dai-Zangyack. Silva had no quarrel with him.

Brajira, however...was their biggest internal obstacle. A strategist from another realm and the ultimate enemy of the Goseigers. He manipulated several organizations until he finally usurped every ounce of their power. Silva was worried he was up to something and suggested he be booted from the team; though he was directly ordered by the Black Cross King not to engage him. It was a shame, though. Brajira was a backstabber and backstabbers were NOT something the barely-functioning remnants of a once-powerful Empire needed.
Though a villain calling another a 'traitor' was sort of like the pot calling the kettle black...

Silva walks up to the throne the Black King sat upon, bowing one knee in respect.

He then takes the disk he had used aboard the prototype from a slot in his left hand, giving it to his superior.

"The data contained here better be useful against the Gokaigers, Silva." Says the King. "Because now that the last prototype we can build has been destroyed; we have no way of recording any more data. The Big Machine must cover every Sentai Team. How will we record data for the Go-Busters now?"

"We shouldn't have conducted that test in the first place." Long says. "Besides, the fuel leaking from the prototype has probably given us away."

"But isn't that the idea?" Doukoku says, sipping sake from his bowl. "The Gokaigers have interfered in every one of our schemes yet. They seem to be the Sentai that gets around the most. At least the others stuck to Earth, or whatever dimension they were from. If we don't trap those pirate suckers now, it'll mean problems down the line. You gotta be patient for the hunt."

"Talk of paitience coming from one born from anger and rage..." Long retorts. "Calm down and drink your sake, child. Grown-ups are talking."

"What'd you say, ya scaly bastard?" Doukoku says, standing upright in anger, tipping his sake bowl in the process. Long enters a hand-to-hand stance while Doukoku draws what looks like an energy-sword.

"Having a tantrum, are we?" Long replies.

"Both of you, calm yourselves." Says the King. "We have the data, that's what important. In-fighting always seems to serve as evil's most glaring flaw and I will have none of it. Now be silent."

Doukoku looks to the King momentarily, before returning to his seated position on the floor.

"Blonde bastard." Doukoku says.

"Moving on..." Says the King. "Silva, this wasn't the outcome I was hoping for, but it shall suffice for now. Now, the Gokaigers will soon be upon us and we cannot have them meddling in our affairs. Doukoku, Long; you two are our most capable physical fighters. You two will meet them in combat. Silva, you still possess the data required for the Big Machine Project, don't you?"

"Naturally." The robot replies.

"God." Says The King. "A representative from the Kamen Rider universe is waiting for you in the lab. He is known as the Weather Dopant...Shinjuro Isaka. I have already briefed him on our grand plan, but we must prove to him that we have the means to carry it out. In the meantime, I shall contact Brajira and inquire about our...side job."

"What is the side job, Black Cross?" Doukoku asks. "Don't tell me it's that thing about Ackdos and his kid. You sure you wanna bring them back?"

At this the Black Cross King immediately stands up angrily, aiming his hand at Doukoku. White lightning is released from the creature's palm as Doukoku dodges the blast. "So, you have been spying on my private communications, have you? Your'e smarter than I took you for. Do it again, and your'e brain will be removed from your skull." King replies. "This meeting is adjourned. And NO IN-FIGHTING!"

As the King storms off through a sliding door, Long and Silva look at each other.

"No in-fighting, my rear end." Doukoku says, resuming his sake position once more. "Guy's nothin' but a hypocrite."

"Any idea how your'e to impress Dai-Shocker's candidate, Silva?" Long asks.

Silva takes out his portable gun, raising it in the air.

"By whatever means are necessary."
A Gokaiger-only chapter, for a change. The Akibarangers had been hogging the movie for a while now. Thought I'd show the Pirate Sentai some love. :3

I'll be honest, my heart was NOT in that mech battle whatsoever. I've never been too fond of the mechs, MegaZords, whatever you call them. I like Sentai/Power Rangers more for the narrative.

Since I have never seen the crossover movies from either of the Super Hero Taisen franchises, the cameo characters introduced in this chapter may or may not be OOC; since I was forced to rely on the Super Sentai Wiki for their profiles. You have been forewarned. And no, the Dai-Zangyack plot will not overtake the crossover. It's just a connection to Taisen, nothing more.

All Hail the Empire!
ChaosWarriorKosaru Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
Amazing! An entire army of evil big bosses under one roof! This is getting good!
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OMG! This is fantastic!
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