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"Oy, Doc! Those repairs finished yet?"

A spark shutters over the boy's eyes as he turns to face his captain, Marvelous.

"The damage we took isn't something that can be band-aided. This is gonna take some time! It'll be finished when it's finished! Now quit asking, please."

Marvelous had asked that five times already and they've been off Earth for only....5 hours now?

"Marvelous, how do we know that the Second Greatest Treasure in the Universe isn't another the first one was?" Asks a ragged female voice.

"We don't, Luka." Responds Marvelous. "That hasn't stopped you before, Luka."

"All we can do is venture forth and claim the artifact first." A more petite female voice says.

"Besides..." A male voice says, periodic grunting escaping his lips. Most likely Joe doing his push-ups again. "...If it DOES alter time, the Zangyack would've used it already. The power would attract them like moths."

"But the Zangyack probably don't have it." Luka's voice trails off. "Why are we going after what's obviously a false lead?"

"Cause it's like Ahim says, it's all we have." Marvelous says. "Now let's shut up about it. Is Gai still asleep?"

"Yep." Joe says. "I'm getting hungry and Doc's doing repairs right now, obviously."

Ugh....Don couldn't work with all this noise; but it wasn't like he could tell 'em all off, either. At least Gai's asleep. Nothing'll break. He has the energy of the Road Runner. The guy barely stands still. Ah, these wires were split. Placing two gloved hands over yellow and green wires, he puts them together, as their union sparks a hum throughout the ship.

"There." Doc says, finally removing himself from underneath the exposed computer wiring by the steering wheel of the ship. "The weapons are online now. I'll save the below-deck lighting for later. I'll get started on dinner now."


Meanwhile, somewhere completely different............

Three idiots stare fondly at a new action-figure through a local window.

The figure takes the shape of a schoolgirl, with blue hair. Doesn't seem out of the ordinary at first...until one notices the massive guns stemming from the neck area. (Get your minds out of the gutters, now. We mean the actual weapons!)

"Such a fine, new figure shine!"

"The guns are mounted so well!"

"And that attention to detail!"

The one in the middle, a red-shirted man, thrusts his right arm in the air, a gleeful smile on his face.

"It's decided!" Says the man. "We'll split the cost three-way! If we didn't have this in our possession, we could never call ourselves Aoi-tan fans!"

"Nobuo, did you see nyat cost?" Asks a cat-suited girl wearing an oh-so-obvious wig. "That's nyot picket change."

"It's fifty times what you make in an entire month." Says a blue-shirted female that looks like she's about to punch someone in the face at any time. "And me and Yumeria are unemployed; Doujinshi aside. Howe the hell could we possibly make that much money? Even for something so.....uh....aweso- I mean, battle-tuned?"

The man slumps his head down in shame.

"The one opponent that beats every otaku....The budget!" Says Nobuo, as he places both arms to the sky, a sorrowful tone to his voice. "Aoi-tan, why must you be so tantalizingly temptuous?!"

"There has to be a way we can raise the money for this thing." Mitsuki asks. "Hey, Yume-chan. How much does your Dojinshi sell for? Maybe if-"

No sooner does the girl finish her sentence does she see Yumeria's face right up close to her, an obsessively evil look on her face.

"Who wants to know?"

Mitsuki, obviously creeped out, pushes Yumeria away gently.

"N-Never mind."


The three instantly turn their heads to the public street.

"Something's going down!" Nobuo says.

"Guerrilla Marketers?" Yumeria asks.

"Probably." Says Mitsuki. "Let's go!"


Back to the Gokaigers.....

Peace and quiet, at last.

Don sits on the red decoration-adorned couch, slumping backwards.

After dinner, EVERYBODY rushed straight to bed. Are they THAT bored without an opponent? And of course, Don had to do ALL of the dishes.

He feels so under-appreciated sometimes, but he knows they care. Even if they try to hide it a lot of the time.

Don eyes the case of repair equipment by the computer wiring. Maybe he could get a bit of work done before he went to sleep.

Settling underneath the wiring once again, Don looks at the current problem.

"Hmm....These were fried up completely. I'll probably have to use some of the spare wiring which is.....down in the lower-decks which just happen to be without lighting. Damn it!"

While he fiddled with the wiry remains, fantasies ran through Don's mind. After all, this quiet was good thinking time. It felt nice to muse.

He imagined himself sitting on a lawn-chair on a beach; while the others were playing with each other on the sand. Luka and Marvelous were burying each other, while Joe did laps around the area. Gai was swimming through the water, imitating some sort of Zord....Goseiger, maybe? Don didn't care.

While Don was on cloud nine (forgetting the repairs in the process), the scene zooms in on the wiring. An odd, purple bolt seeps from the closest wire, traveling downwards towards Don's hand. It connects, going up Don's right arm.

The boy awakens from his mental stupor, examining his arm. He wasn't in pain; which was weird. Don's hands were used to shocks, but not to pain. But this didn't hurt. It just kept on crackling. This was freaky.

"Uhhh...Marvelous-san?!" Don begins to shout.

The crackle splits from Don's it twists and turns in mid-air, forming a black hole of sorts.

Don feels himself being pulled in. This was some weird phenomenon. He wanted to shout for help, but the suction was so strong, he didn't even get the chance.

No sooner did it fully form was the boy sucked in. His hand futilely stretches out from the hole, before a single shock subdues the appendage. After about a minute, the hole itself disappears....leaving only an open repair case behind.


Back to the Akibarangers......

The streets are filled with running, scared, civilians (Who for some odd reason are all wearing clothes of the same color...) as Shachieeks swarm the street; flyers in their hand. One of the mooks grabs a woman by the wrist, placing the flyer on her head. It instantly escapes into her head. A pair of very mean (and very cheap) eyebrows forms over her face, as she lunges at the nearest civilian and proceeds to do the exact same thing.

"NO MORE ANIME!" Says the infected woman.

"ANIME STEREOTYPES OUR CULTURE!" Says a male civilian, off-screen.

"What the-?" Nobuo asks.

"Nuo!" Mitsuki shouts.


The three teens take out More Z-Cunes from their pockets, performing a Henshin pose.


They never get to finish, as something immediately falls on them from out of nowhere.

"Hey, get off!" Shouts Nobuo from underneath.

The object that disabled the Akibarangers was......Don Dogoier.

"Is this...Earth?" Don asks himself aloud, unknowingly ignoring Nobuo and the others. "Something feels off...Oh, Oh, I'm sorry!"

Don finally sees the Akibarangers, stepping off of them.

"Hey, watch where your'e going!" Nobuo shouts; only to be ignored again.

"Action Commanders?" Don asks himself.

"DESTROY THE ANIMATION STUDIOS!" Shouts another civilian off-screen.

"I'll worry about it later." Don says, taking his Ranger Key out of his pocket; doing a Henshin pose. "People come first."

"Gokai Change!"


The scene briefly transitions to a cosmic background, where Don stands in green pirate-like garb. His helmet comes flying directly onto his face, as does the decor.

"Kaizoku Sentai...Gokaiger!"

"Feels so lonely without the others..."
Don jumps into the fray instantly, shooting at the closest Shachieek with his Gokai Gun.

While Don handles the enemies, the Akibarangers just...stand complete and total awe.

"Th-That....That was..." Nobuo says.

"A Henshin sequence!" Yumeria says, clomping onto Nobuo so fan-girlishly.

"Season 2 starting already?!" Mitsuki asks.

"But he looks nothing like an Akibaranger..." Yumaria responds.

"No, even better!" Nobuo shouts, his hand to the sky.

Well, nobody's thought of it yet, so I have.

Since I have not only ever seen any of the crossover movies, but have only seen 3 Sentai Series thus far, (Goseiger, Gokaiger, Akibaranger, and in the midst of Shinkenger) This is purely a shot in the dark for me.

And of course, poor old Don. He'll finally get his own time in the limelight.

I know full well that the Akibaranger sections of this fic are no doubt crappy.

Comedy isn't my specialty, so sue me for trying something new. :icondealwithitplz:

Besides, since I haven't watched enough Sentais to be as knowledgeable as Nobuo Akagi, I'll need to collaborate with someone who IS knowledgeable of Sentai for all of the references that the Akibarangers are chock-full of to be properly given justice in this fic.

Critique (as is complementing) is suggested and fully welcomed. Note that I said "critique" not "complaining." Anything that sounds even remotely childish or flame-like will be met with ignorance.

All Hail The Empire!
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ChaosWarriorKosaru Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012
Oh, my goodness! It's only the prologue and I'm already hooked! This is amazing, and surprisingly well-written!
Zeltrax987 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a very good story.
klom89 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012   Writer
Why thank you. :D
Ka-oz Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012
Pretty good. SS4T.
klom89 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012   Writer
Glad you like it. What does SS4T mean, though?
Ka-oz Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012
"Subscribing Solely For This". Made it up on the fly though, don't even know if it's used by anyone.
Johnny-Spectre Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As representative Second Mate of the Gokaiger Crew and Manager of the Akibaranger Fan Club, I AM LIKING THIS!
klom89 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012   Writer
I really appreciate it. I havn't seen every Sentai, so this is my first proper foray into it's Fandom.
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